Sports Operations

What’s your position? Sports Operations

How long at ATASS Sports? Joined in 2014

Your role: Collecting data and providing it in the format that researchers want so that it can be used for modelling. I focus on cricket but other across the ops staff we cover a wide range of sports. I also do previews of upcoming tournaments and produce plots to help me identify any model results which need to be further investigated before the tournament starts.

Best part of your job? Being able to work on data that relates to something I love (cricket!) and seeing all the different pieces come together and being applied to actual sporting outcomes. It’s a relaxed atmosphere too.

What’s special about ATASS Sports? The company looks after the staff really well, there are many activities on offer after work. You are also given the right level of freedom with regards your work, but someone is always there to help if you need it.

Describe your colleagues in three words: Knowledgeable, relaxed, sporty!

What do you do in your spare time? Play sport (mainly cricket, sometimes netball), watch most sports, travel.