How long at ATASS Sports? Joined in 2011

Your role: Research and development of predictive sports models as well as management of the researchers. I also oversee recruitment, sponsorship and external presence.

Best part of your job? I started here as a researcher, and fell in love with the flexibility to be as creative as possible; all ideas are considered and we have the freedom to give new techniques a go. Now I still get to challenge myself with research and programming, and I also get the chance to help create some amazing staff experiences!

What’s special about ATASS Sports? We strive to keep working with our staff as individuals, even with recent growth. We care about the wellbeing of everyone and want them to have a long and happy career here.

Describe your colleagues in three words: Bright, Friendly, Sincere

What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy running and cycling, and when not at work, I try my hand at cake decorating.