Research Project Manager

How long have you been at ATASS Sports? Joined in 2010

Your role? Management of research projects. Finding ways to improve our existing models, as well as developing new models to broaden what we can do in the future. Also liaising with IT and clients so we can get the best out of our research.  

 Best part of your job? Seeing your research progress all the way through from a new idea to the finished product. I get to work on things that I’m interested in and there’s plenty of challenging problems to keep me on my toes! I’m always learning something new.

 What’s special about ATASS Sports? It’s a really relaxed and friendly place to work with plenty of activities going on (both at and away from work). It’s also not too big,  so that you feel involved in what’s going on and get to know everyone really well. There’s also a strong charitable and environmental ethos around the whole company.

Describe your colleagues in three words: Smart, Friendly, Active

What do you do in your spare time? Mainly family stuff. I try to play football when I can. I also enjoy cooking, films and video games