Significance magazine article (June 2021): “Soccer fans in shiny sticker shock”

With the postponed 2020 European Championships now in full flow, football sticker aficionados of all ages are deep in the process of completing this year’s Panini album. This month’s edition of Significance* magazine features an article on our 2018 analysis showing that the “shiny” stickers in such a collection may be rarer than the others (by roughly a factor of two) – contrary to Panini’s assertion that “each sticker is printed in the same volume and randomly distributed”. This non-uniformity can potentially inflate the cost of finishing the album by more than 20%, depending on the strategy being followed by the collector.

The June 2021 article can be read for free (no subscription needed) via the following link:  

You can view our original 2018 analysis here

[* Significance is the official magazine of the Royal Statistical Society and American Statistical Association. ]