Over the last two years, we have been conducting research into the use of statistical modelling techniques to detect potential instances of match-fixing in tennis, with a particular focus on detecting “in-play” anomalies.

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In September 2015, we delivered a presentation on this research at the Royal Statistical Society Annual Conference (entitled “Smashing the racket: Detecting match-fixing in tennis via in-play betting irregularities”). Subsequently, in June 2016, an in-depth article on our findings was published by Significance Magazine – the official magazine of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association:

“Smashing the racket”, Dr Tim Paulden, Significance Magazine 13(3), June 2016, pp. 16-21, Copyright (c) 2016, The Royal Statistical Society, Wiley.

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We’d be delighted to hear from other mathematical and statistical researchers who are beginning to investigate this exciting yet relatively unexplored domain.